Blog : How could you reach clients that are out-of-reach today ?

18 January 2019 | 477 Views

Unless you use WeZenIt !

With WeZenIt, the development of your business knows no limit as you can safely offer your services outside your regular sales territory, even outside your country's borders.

No risk whatsoever of unpaid bills or late payments. Usually you're limite to the customers who are in your geographical area or those whom you have a trustful relationship thanks to common past business.

With WeZenIt, trust is provided as payment is secured. The transfer is made at the time the contract is validated on WeZenIt, the payment is received and escrowed by WeZenIt and then released at the pre-agreed date.The customer is assured to receive what you sold him with no risk of nonl delivery or non compliant delivery and you are assured to get paid in full for the work done and /or the product delivered as agreed.

Thanks to WeZenIt, honesty always wins and your business grows safely !

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