Blog : How can you safely buy collectors LPs (anybody still knows what LP means ?) ?

16 January 2019 | 530 Views

By registering your transaction on WeZenIt, a buyer is sure to receive the collector he/she's buying. The beauty is that the seller too is sure of getting paid for the collector he/she sosold in accordance with the Zencontract.

No need to wonder anymore who should bear the risk, buyer or seller, of either not being paid or only partially or not receiving the product already or the wrong product.

No need anymore to wonder how you're going to get your money back if you don't receive your vinyl or collector or if it's not the one you bought with a seller tousands of miles away in a foreign country.

Thanks to WeZenIt, the seller knows that he/she is getting paid as it knows the funds are available and outside of buyer's hands with a pre-agreed payment date. The buyer on his/her side knows that his/her funds are safe and secured and that they ll be sent back if the transaction does not proceed as agreed.

Everyone gets what they requested. Everyone is a winner with WeZenIt. In the end all honest people use WeZenIt, which allows every person to know for sure that With WeZenIt i's simple, safe and efficient.

Relax and enjoy your vinyl, WeZenIt does the rest !

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