Blog : Tired of late payments ?

18 January 2019 | 583 Views

Thanks to WeZenIt, as a business I am paid on the pre-agreed date. The quality of my work is my best card and with Wezenit I don't have to wonder anymore if I'll get paid, on-time and in full. I can focus on doing what I do best, to serve my clients with the best quality work. In case somehting unexpected happens during one of my projects, no worries we can always update the transaction details. It's easy. The good news is that in fact, honest clients use WeZenIt, which gives me even more confidence.

Clearly, clients who use WeZenIt (businesses or individuals) merely wish to see their project come to life, so they want the works they order from me to be done and completed as agreed (in full and on time). On my end, I need to be sure that I will get paid 100% for the work I do. This is exactly what WeZenIt does.

The client and I validate through WeZenIt the time schedule for the performance of my work and payment, my client transfers the funds to WeZenIt, I am notified when the funds have been received, thus I know I will get paid as agered and my client knows that the work will be done as agreed.

Thanks to the WeZenIt project reminders, we always know where we are on the time schedule and it's really easy to update jointly the transaction thanks to these regular reminders.

Thank you WeZenIt ! Thanks to you getting paid is made simple !

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